blank square flat golden picture frame cutout

Have your stuffies or dolls been through some wild adventures?

  • dog attacks
  • limbs torn off
  • run over by car
  • too much loving

Fear not!

Our Doctor to the rescue!

Teddy bear taking bath

Spa treatments

Your teddy will receive treatments in our luxurious VIP spa

Joint replacements

Broken joints, not a problem, corrective surgery at its best

Fur grafts & more

Need a little fur graft or face lift, bring him in!

Paw pad replacement

Paws getting thin/worn out,

we can replace them

Cataract Replacement

Do your stuffies eyes look like this?? We have replacements


Is your stuffy looking a little thin - maybe anemic, we can fluff him up with new stuffing

Blankie Bear

My Blankie Bear head fell off! Too much hugging.

My Favourite Puppy

I was craving a spa day, a fluffy makeover, and a snazzy new nose!

My giraffe

My giraffe needed a bath & his neck fixed

Drop us a current picture of ​your stuffie, along with an ​original picture, and a list of ​repairs needed by clicking the

email link below:

Email Me!


Vancouver, BC Canada